EDO - Hidden Eden
EDO - Hidden Eden

Figaro de Montmartre

EDO - Hidden Eden

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Hidden Eden EDO original artwork is inspired by the biblical worldview of the sea above the sky.

Hidden Eden Emotion Diffuser one including 3 elements independent and interactive:

  • An original Artwork 32x40" for your space, that reviving your energy points (chakras) thanks to the seven colours and their infinity blend. We are deeply touched by a painting's beauty for its theme and its traits, however, we are not always aware about the impact of its colours in our subconscious. The seven rays that we perceive come from the invisible light through our eyes, like a flame that springs from inside, thanks to the colour's harmony that the painting reflects.
  • An original soundtrack to open multidimensional and timeless universes.The seven notes and their variation allow to reach the highest positive vibration. Discover again the pleasure of the slow listening in different style, on a quality vinyl support.
  • A mineral treasure, pure raw crystals playing a role powerful amplifier for the circulation of positive energy through your body and in the surrounding atmosphere.

Figaro de Montmartre use a variety of medium on canvas, including crayon, acrylic and a kind of modelling paste to express the theme.

Total dimension: Frame and Fine Artwork: 39"x47"

Total Weight: 22kg

Hidden Eden EDO is surrounded by Apatite and Fuchsite crystals.

Apatite common sources: Canada, Pakistan. Astrological association: Gemini. Chakra: throat. Healing qualities: Balance all chakras and calms the throat chakra. Good for healers, teachers, communicators, trainers, journalists, writers, publishers, presenters, actors, singers, and performers. Good for the intellect and seeing the truth. Helps aloofness and mental confusion. Physical: Good for arthritis and tissue regeneration. Suppresses appetite (if worn or carried). Emotional/spiritual: good for psychic abilities, past-life recall and understanding, yin/yang balance, meditation, and access inner self. Helps negativity.

Fuchsite common source: Brazil. Astrological association: Aquarius. Chakra: heart. Healing qualities: Good for making right choices. Physical: Good for the health of the heart, spine, and muscles. Helps carpal tunnel syndrome and skin conditions, especially eczema. Aids physical recovery.  Emotional/spiritual: good for calming. Helps unrequited love and emotional recovery (The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt).