Our vision calls


Our mission is to move you always closer the highest vibration, Music. Art, crystals and sounds are the main ingredients that we use in all what we design and produce. Each Figaro de Montmartre product comes with an EP to download. That means 12 new releases, representing a work over a number of years that we are now pleased to offer. We create Art works to caring your mind, and brighten your eyes. Each clothe and accessory is printed from our original paintings. Our Skin care products, eco friendly, are elaborated to caring your body, giving you smooth and luminous skin with the 24Kt Gold. All Artworks and Skincare products contain crystals because we are aware that they are a true present of the Nature. They are living beings able to regenerate our body.


Crystals have many more qualities than what we perceive through our ordinary vision, because those are living beings. They are made up of a pure conscience that keeps the memory of everything.

Crystals energy is what makes the earth, your body and your cells vibrate. It is the vibratory force of the universe which brings all life together, pulsating in accordance with the vibration, because this is it which speaks to the heart of all living creatures, animated or inanimate. Although we consider crystals as stones, as inanimate objects, they have a frequency which is in synchronicity with the Earth, and when we hold a crystal in the hand, it precisely regulates the connection with our lice to that of the Earth .

Our thoughts are pulses of energy emanating from us in the form of waves which are in harmony with our environment, or detuned according to our vibrations. 

Considering that the Earth is out of phase with the forces of nature, it is possible for us to get back to the rhythm of nature by surrounding ourselves with crystals, and by placing them everywhere in the house. Having a crystal in hand when we meditate is the best way to ensure that our energy is beautiful and in harmony with the Earth.

When it is, we become aligned with its magnetic grids and we have access to all that is.


Crystals increase our vibration to levels of consciousness transcending the third dimension to higher degrees of perception, where all life awaits our coming, so that we can finally see and feel beyond our five sensory faculties and experiment multi-dimensionality our true nature.

Crystals are highly evolved beings whose mission is to record everything that occurs on the planet, and we can learn from these events, because all life is meant to be an experience of learning.

How could we learn about our true nature and progress in the absence of the wisdom and knowledge formerly accumulated? 

They will be useful for you to travel everywhere in this universe, and will allow to recover information from the Universal Consciousness. (From 'Telos' of Aurelia Louise Jones and Diane Robbins) 

Love and Light!

Tecla and Figaro