Music is the highest Vibration

When cabaret meets jungle, dub, drum'n bass, rock, breakbeat, trip hop… Here they are! Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new aeon in electronic music and they spread their message of humanity through a new sound called Electro Vintage. The multiplicity of this sound is a blend of insights nourished by numerous references in all kinds of music inspired by Prince, Prodigy, Les Rita Mitsouko, Massive Attack.

Figaro de Montmartre paints an environment of happiness, using colours with a magical sound, made in Love, for the survival of humanity, stuck in the matrix of an increasingly artificial society. Figaro is a native of the Caribbean Diamond (Martinique), born in Paris, on the first day of autumn, in the early hours of Libra, in the year of the snake. She's been introduced in the musical world, produced by Malcom Mc Laren (Sex Pistols) and collaborating with Jimmy Cliff and Alpha Blondie, among others... While Tecla, a Leo, growing near Turin, jumped onto the stages of Italian squats, thanks to his gift of drumming. Laurel Atkins (Skatalites) and Mad Professor were the first to open him routes to the great peaks.

In Summer 2007, they met in a Parisian cabaret … in Montmartre.

Together as one, they write, produce, compose and perform their own material. They started blending French cabaret songs with trip hop, jungle and drum ’n bass, creating step by step their proper sound with a strong message of humanity into their voices that touch the depths of the soul. Figaro de Montmartre plays Keyboards, Sampler, Theremin, Cd desk, all in motion. Each instrument is supported by springs, something never seen before. The strong connection of Figaro and Tecla comes into its own on stage, around unique metal accessories; Creations made from salvaged vehicle springs which represent the weight of progress used like a cockpit for space travel through their musical world.

Defined by Cleveland "Clevie" Browne (Steele and Cleve), one of the most influential Jamaican producers, as the new 'Art of Noise'; by the UK Festivals crowd, as 'Planet Gong' in Drum n Bass style and by BBC Suffolk as like 'Fishersponner'  Figaro de Montmartre clearly reflect an unique sound. 

Since 2008, in Great Britain, France, Italy, Martinique, Jamaica and Canada, Figaro de Montmartre drive their original Electro Vintage musical concept through their amazing live performances, promoting ‘Place à la Nuit’ (MadeInPigalle), their first album. 

Figaro_de_Montmartre is the first Electro group to have crossed the doors of the Temple of Reggae, HARRY J studio, Kingston, Jamaica, where they realised, from October 2010 to February 2011, three singles with the special participation of U-ROY, posing for the first time in his career on Electro music… Those works appear in May 2015 into the special vinyl  called ‘Good Vibes’ (MadeInPigalle), broadcast everywhere on earth.

From 2016, they joined the line-up of different UK festivals like Secret Garden Party, Glastonbury…, and they performed live on BBC radio. 

After three years on tour, Figaro and Tecla gained hindsight to develop a unique concept born from the alchemy of music, art and crystals. Creating Emotion Diffuser One artworks collection, and Emotion soap, the first soap with music inside, they launched their own record label.

In December 2020, Figaro de Montmartre realised ’Hidden Eden’ EP, a dreamlike journey between Trip Hop and Drum ’n Bass, getting, a few months later, the nomination for the AIM independent music awards in the category Best creative Packaging. 

Emotion Soap is a technological, creative and social Innovation in the Music industry. Finding a new and available way to spread music is something (R)evolutionary in this strange times, and here is the Moment to progress to a higher level.