Emotion Soap

Emotion Soap Operative Instruction

  1. Make a wish before to use your Emotion Soap. Hold it in your hand and say something to it; you program your crystal with the intention to leave something or achieve something. Focus on one thing, not a list. Stay positive, avoid negativity.
  1. Use Emotion Soap for your body and your hair, in the bath or shower.
  1. Once you reach the parchment linked to the crystal, you open it to find a secret code and an email. Send this secret code by the e-mail, and you will receive the music album corresponding to your Emotion Soap. You will have 48 hours to download it several times on your phone, your computer, wherever you want.

Welcome to the Highest vibration!

  1. Once you reach your Crystal, wash it. Take off all the soap, and make another wish (a different one) before to put it into a bottle of water. Leave it on for a night.
  1. Start drinking your Crystal elixir all day long, for three weeks (21 days). Leave always a bit of elixir inside your bottle that you will fill up everyday
  1. Here you follow a process to manifest your intention. Crystals are living energy, and the magic is yourself. 
  1. We look forward your feedback!

You can choose between 12 Emotion Soap: