Figaro de Montmartre  HIDDEN EDEN Art Print
HIDDEN EDEN - Printed Artwork
HIDDEN EDEN - Printed Artwork

Figaro de Montmartre

HIDDEN EDEN - Printed Artwork

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HIDDEN EDENs Artwork is printed in 30 limited edition*, numbered and signed by both authors. It comes with a certificate of authenticity
and a 'HIDDEN EDEN' music album download code: 

‘An indoor trip hop Celtic funk drum n’ bass grown in the UK’

-Size 101,6 x 81,3 cm
- Epson ultra chrome HDX- 10 colours- 200 year lightfast inc
- Hahnemuhle William Turner 305 gsm fine art paper
- Excellent colour saturation, Flesh tones are exceptional
- Sharp image definition, High fade & water resistance, Optical brighteners

*  the only legal condition for it to be a “work of art” within the meaning of the tax provisions, is that the print be numbered and signed by the author, and this within a limit of 30 copies per work, all formats combined.