Emotion Diffuser One Collection

EDO (Emotion Diffuser One) is the name, the definition and the function of a new luxury icon created to spread positive vibration in your private space. Emotion Diffuser One is a collection of artworks surrounded by crystals and delivered with a Figaro de Montmartre vinyl collector. They all give the benefit of the meditation while being in action...With Edo, discover the positive energy catalyst that you are.

There’s no button to press, no program to download, no training needed. You are the worthy catalyst of this positive energy. Feel the joyful and radiant energies unfold within you. Absorb them in large quantities. This experience is another opportunity of advancing to higher levels of the purification process of each cell, atom and electron of your subtle bodies and your physical body. 

This is your experience. Shape it freely, any time you want. Leave your heart, your consciousness immerse and impregnate themselves of all that you perceive with the eyes of your soul. Our role, throughout Art and Music, is to accompany you with love and wisdom. Don't worry, nothing unpleasant may happen to you, in fact, we can assure that it will help to keep fit and to intensify yourself by a fresh and pure vibration. It's up to you using this experience to the best of your ability.